Soccer is an all-weather sport. We play in rain, cold and wind. We do not play when there is danger to the children or spectators or when we may cause extensive damage to the fields. If there is lightning in the area we will cancel matches or suspend matches that have already begun. In the event of inclement conditions, club officials will evaluate field conditions and the weather forecasts to make a determination at the earliest practical time. Games are always to be played as scheduled unless the fields are closed.

  1. Coaches are not authorized to call off a game due to weather or field conditions. The job of determining field suitability for play falls upon the Field Marshal. However, if a parks department or field director has closed the field, a referee is not allowed to overrule that decision.
  2. If threatening weather is expected or at hand, coaches should contact the field director to make sure the fields are not closed, it is the responsibility of the coaches to make sure that games will be played as scheduled. They should also make sure to have contact numbers for the opposing coach, the assignor, and the referees.
  3. In the case of a game cancellation due to serious, inclement and/or hazardous weather prior to the start of the game, both teams will play in the next available date a makeup game consisting of two half’s less five minutes each . This may require that a team may play two games on their next available date, if this would occur; the games will be played with no less than two hours in between but never more than three.
  4. If the game is stopped anytime without completing the first half of play, then a new Mini-Game will be scheduled on the next available day to be played before or after an already scheduled game for one of the teams involved or in a selected time spot agreeable by both teams.

The Mini-Game will consist of two continuous half’s of:

U11- U12

15 minutes each half


12 minutes each half


8 minutes each half

  1. When a game is cancelled after the first half is completed, the score at that moment will be the final score. 
  2. Referee's game report shall reflect all such circumstances. The game will not be re-scheduled.

NOTE: In general, it is safe to play in the rain, unless lightning is present, in which case the game will immediately be cancelled. The primary determining factor in whether we play or cancel is the current condition of the field and projecting whether damage will result from using that field. We would rather have a day of cancelled games than weeks or months of dealing with a closed field because we chose to play when we shouldn’t have.